Monday, December 1, 2014


A  man was walking across a jungle in dark night, with a small torch. The torch was so dim, and he couldn't see anything properly.

  Alas, suddenly he found a snake across his way in the dim light of his torch - and he started shivering. He stood there - with out moving an inch forward - thinking that the snake might move away soon. And he started calling all the gods he knew.

  He waited there for a long time - 2 hrs, 3 hrs, 4 hrs - but the snake was so adamant - it was not moving at all. The poor man started sweating - and started blaming his own 'karma' and past, and started doubting the ability of all the gods he knew.

  After some time, to his surprise, he found another wise man walking towards him. He had a much briighter torch. Suddenly, in the light, to his surprise - our 'hero' realized that it was just a rope that he had misinterpreted as a snake - it was not a snake at all.

  He easily walked past the rope, and with in some time, the dawn came. In the light of sun, everything was so clear. The entire jungle, which was so frightening to him, appeared so blissful. Birds were singing, there were fruits everywhere, streams were flowing - and our hero started laughing about his own foolishness.

  In our life, problems are like this. We misinterpret them as 'huge' problems, without even trying to think over the same. You only need to go near them, and see them clearly.

  Many a times in life, we are the lone traveller. Travelling through the beautiful jungles, but mistaking a rope for a snake, just because we don’t have the nerve to go near it. All of us have mentally succumbed several times before trivial failures, real or imagined, just for the want of a little more confidence and courage. We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear before us. But we forget that paths are made by walking and not waiting.

  Though we have many ideas, we fail to implement any of them because of the poverty of courage. We fear the very consequence of our own implemented ideas. Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game. The race of life is run by faith and won by determination. The best we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, and then make our plans with confidence.

 Now and then, we are worried about the trivialities in our life. They tend to impede our progress. A part of it comes from fear. Fear of- what others will think, of the way we dress, of the way we live… and so on. Of course, some trivials are important in life…. But they are not life in themselves.


A life of respect and decency we must lead, but not for others, but for our own self and for a greater purpose. A purpose, which should be directed to  the good of mankind. In this life we get only those things for which we hunt, for which we strive, and for which we are willing to sacrifice.

  Many of us unconsciously believe that we're unworthy. We adopt this belief very early in our lives, when the people we looked up to disapprove our demands, wishes and behaviours. We conclude that we are no good.

The greatest disapproval is not when others put you down, it is when you put down yourself, because then, you are programming yourself to fail, every time. You deny yourself the joy that life had planned for you.  Your conviction in life should be such that there might be hundred reasons for you to be a failure, but one good reason is enough to make you succeed. Never lose hope. Hope is a rope that swings u through life. 

 To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problem of your life, you are the only solution.

  Stand for something in life, so that u don’t fall for everything that crosses your path. Dare to be different, because only "dead fish" swim with the river!!  Dare to take a risk when the time comes because the real thrill of life lies in the 1% gap between life and death. 

As someone who was on the threshold of winning a game, but lost it, said- “I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learnt the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Life is delicious ambiguity”. Just because some of your dreams didn't come true, it doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming. 

It's madness to hate all the roses, because u got scratched by one thorn. To give up all your dreams coz one didn't come true. To lose faith in prayers coz one was not give up your efforts because one of them failed, for, the race of life is run by faith and won by will. Sometimes we must be hurt, in order to grow, fail, in order to know. Lose, in order to gain. Sometimes we have to be so broken, so we can be whole again!! Most important in life is the fact that we must find happiness, in the quest for excellence.  The best of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Remember, A Diamond is another piece of coal that performed well under pressure!!!

If you can't change the course of the river...Change your's!!! Don't be sad, don't fret, don't sulk. Least of all, don’t fear, be a winner. Winners are too busy to be sad; too positive to be doubtful; too optimistic to be fearful & too determined to be defeated.  

  Have a principle in life, that you will plan your way to excellence, you will fight your way to success. Work so hard that at the end of your life, you should not have a single bit of talent left in u, and, as you stand before god, you should tell "Hey God, I used up everything you gave me."


                                            - Dr.KARTIK HEGADEKATTI